Our employees are among the pioneers with 10+ years of experience when it comes to the international registration of grid connected power generation systems.

We are your partner for:

  • Photovoltaic inverters
  • Energy storage systems
  • Water power plants
  • Wind inverters
  • Wind turbines
  • Combined heat and power plants (CHPs)
  • Mains monitoring relays

We test and certify your decentralized generating unit for the German market according to the valid low and medium voltage directive.

  • VDE-AR-N 4105 for decentralized generating units on the low voltage grid, incl.DIN VDE V 0124-100
  • BDEW directive for decentralized generating units on the medium voltage grid, incl. TR3, TR4, TR8 of FGW

Worldwide there exist a variety of local grid codes and standards depending on the respective country which have to be complied with – especially on attractive markets like Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Eastern Europe, Australia, USA, India, Brazil and South Africa.

Grid Code Compliance, GCC

For the operation of decentralized generating units and plant there is numerous standards and technical guidelines.
The certification according to the grid code of the different grid operators and organizations insure a smooth process during the connection of the power plant to the grid. The GCC-certification offers the advantage to guarantee that the grid connection process will be greatly simplified. We are glad to support you during the test phase and can perform these at our laboratory in Kaufbeuren or at the manufacturer facility.

EZE Certification (according to BDEW Mittelspannungsrichtlinie)

Our Power generating unit certification (Einheitenzertifizierung) according to FGW TR8 covers all kinds of decentralized generator and auxiliary. Beside the declaration of conformity based on the type approval according to FGW TR3, the validation of the generating unit model according to FGW TR4 has to be performed. This certification program allows the declaration of compliance to the BDEW technical guideline of generating plants connected to the medium-voltage network.

The certification of the electrical propriety of the decentralized generator and plant insure that the product is complying with the grid code and allowed to inject current in the public utility grid.

You can find our core competences in grid integration here! Among others we test according to the following:


VDE V 0126-1-1

  • EN 50438

DIN EN 50438

VDE 0435-901

  • IEC 61727
  • IEC 62116

EN 62116

DIN EN 62116

VDE 0126-2

  • RD 1663
  • RD 661
  • RD 1699
  • RD 413
  • PVVC-V10:2012 Annex 6.2
  • ENEL guideline 2011
  • CEI 0-21
  • CEI 0-16
  • ÖNORM E 8001-4-712
  • TOR – Hauptabschnitt D4
  • C10/11
  • G83/1-1


  • G59/2
  • AS/NZS 4777.2
  • AS 47777.3
  • BDEW Mittelspannungsrichtlinie 2008

+ 1. Ergänzung 2009

+ 2. Ergänzung 2010

+ 3. Ergänzung 2011

+ 4. Ergänzung 2013

  • FGW TR3
  • FGW TR4
  • NRS 097-2-1
  • UTE C15-712-1
  • XP C15-712-3
  • SODO, Priloga 5
  • VDE-AR-N 4105:2011-08
  • DIN VDE V 0124-100 (VDE V 0124-100)
  • NDU - 013
  • SAGC, Version 2.6
  • TF 3.2.1
  • ABNT NBR 16149
  • ABNT NBR 16150
  • DIN CLC/TS 50549-1

VDE V 0435-5

  • DIN CLC/TS 50549-2

VDE V 0435-6

  • MEA
  • PEA
  • NamPower
  • DEWA
  • Elektrotechnik