Capture new markets with our support! 

We can help you bring your products into compliance with local technical and regulatory requirements.

We check product safety in accordance with national and international standards, policies and regulations. Tests take place either in our test laboratory or on your premises as a manufacturer or your suppliers.

We help you to place your products on global markets in compliance with local technical and juridical conditions.

Our actual accreditation scopes in various business fields:


Test laboratory for electric and electronic operating equipment

Safety tests of electrical medical devices


Primara is a recognized national certification body (NCB) in the frames of the IECEE CB process.

You can rely on Primara as a strong, local partner. We can test and evaluate your products according to the required international safety requirements and obtain the required certification for you.
We offer international certifications from a single source, such as USA /Canada approvals (NRTL/C) or certifications for Australia (Certificate of Suitability).

We support you in creating your CE declaration. In cooperation with our global partners, we assist you with international approvals, such as internationally recognized CB-scheme reports, USA / Canada approvals (NRTL / C), Australia (Certificate of Suitability), China (CCC, Golden Sun Certification).

Charging infrastructure:

In addition to the widespread introduction of renewable energies, the topic of electromobility is getting an increasing public focus.

In order to ensure a high level of acceptance and thus good distribution of this new technology, not only is the availability of sufficient charging stations important, but also their complete safety is indispensable.

Due to our extensive accreditations in the field of electromobility, Primara is your partner in the testing of your devices and an important partner in the proof of conformity with the norms.

This allows us to provide equipment and component manufacturers in the charging infrastructure with elaborate testing and certification.

Machinery directive:

2006/42/EG Machinery directive serves to regulate a consistent level of protection for accident prevention of machinery. According to the law this conformity should be proven before placing the machines on the market.

With the help of Primara you can get your conformity cheap and fast. The conformity test includes the examination of:

  • electrical and mechanical safety
  • risk analyses if needed
  • operating manual and other necessary documents
  • EC conformity statement

Additionally Primara offers examination of safety circuits  according to ISO 13849-1 or IEC 62061.